Help Bentham Pet Rescue


During the current national crisis we are reliant on donations to take the place of our usual fund-raising activities so that we can continue to feed the cats in our sanctuaries and pay for their veterinary needs. 

Please, if you can, consider making a donation through Paypal or contact us for other methods of payment.


Like many charities, we rely on fund-raising events and donations to do what we do.  If you would like to help us, and the cats we care for, you can make a donation online by using the  button below.

Thank you!


We need more volunteers! Can you help?

If you can offer some time to help with our fund-raising events, please contact Kristen 015242 51898.  We need people to man stalls and help serve at coffee mornings. We also need people with good communication skills to approach businesses in the area (Bentham, Ingleton, Burton, Kirkby Lonsdale, Hornby) for raffle prizes and gifts. And we’d be delighted to offer help to anyone who might be willing to organise events on behalf of Bentham Pet Rescue.

Please note: we plan to scale down our bric-a-brac and book sales due to difficulties storing and transporting goods. Thank you to everyone who, in the past, has kindly donated items for sale.

However we would still appreciate donations of raffle prizes and good quality pet bedding and accessories.


We do our best to keep all our cats happy, healthy and loved but having to live in the confines of our sanctuary is no substitute for being in a cosy home.

Sadly, being old can be a big disadvantage when people come looking for a new pet.  Some of our cats have been with us for quite a while now with no offers of a ‘forever home’.  If only people could see how much they have to give and what good company they can be, especially for someone who spends a lot of time at home – perhaps someone as old as they are!

We know that caring for cats can be costly, particularly as they grow older and may need medication. That’s why we have started a new scheme to offer support to anyone who would give one of our elderly residents a foster home.  For the very special cats marked with the symbol ♥ we’ll offer to provide food and cat litter, and arrange visits to the vet, if you will look after them for us.

We’d like them to live the rest of their days in a loving home.            Can you help? Contact Pat Roberts on 015242 63048 if you can.

Help at the sanctuary

Are you a cat lover? Could you spare a few hours a week to help out at our sanctuary?

The rota always needs regular and reliable volunteers over the age of 18 for cleaning the cats’ pens, cuddling and playing with the cats, and also for covering holidays. If you can spare 1 or 2 hours per week please contact Pat at Burton in Lonsdale 015242 63048 , or send us an email.

Trapping and neutering feral cats and strays

We always need helpers to assist with our work in catching strays and feral cats, especially in the Settle area.  We also need help to transport them to and from the vets at Settle or Kirkby Lonsdale.

The operation of catching the cats in our Trapping, Neutering and Release Programme (TNR) is done with a humane cage trap.  Every care is taken to reduce the stress and trauma experienced by each cat whilst confined in the trap and during transportation to and from the vet.  After neutering, they are then cared for in our feral recovery unit until they have made a full recovery and healed.  The duration of their stay varies but is usually around 5-10 days for female cats but less for males.

We will always return feral cats to their ‘home’ territory.  This is (almost) always better for such cats than being taken into our sanctuary which they find extremely stressful.  In our experience it very difficult to find suitable new homes for feral cats and it is not fair to keep confined for any length of time creatures that are used to living freely.

The benefits for the feral/stray cat population through this programme are many but the most important is for the females: having no more kittens means their health generally improves.  There can also be a reduction in injuries attributed to fighting amongst male cats.  This in turn can reduce the risk of infection from wounds and contracting diseases such as Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) through bites.  (FIV – known as Feline Aids – cannot be contracted by humans.) The TNR Programme is the best way to reduce, humanely, the population of stray living wild and feral cats.

If you could devote some of your time to help with this valuable work, please contact Pat Roberts on 015242 63048 for a chat, or send us an email.

Other ways to help

  • Donate unwanted gifts for raffle prizes
  • Foster a cat (or a dog) for a few weeks
  • Transport boxes of books to and from book sales
  • Make a regular donation by standing order and gift-aid it
  • Transport boxes of books to Animal Care at Lancaster to exchange for cat food
  • Make cakes for coffee mornings
  • Sell raffle tickets for our Christmas draw
  • Organise your own event to raise funds
  • Offer storage space for books ready for re-sale
  • Monitor a cat trap in your area to help catch a stray
  • Sell goods for us on eBay
  • Offer to help on our stall at an event – perhaps just for an hour
  • Join our fund-raising group

If you can help in any way, please get in touch by email.