Plans for the future – Can you help?

Bentham and District Pet Rescue is seeking new trustees to help      secure an exciting new future for the organisation.

Founded over twenty-two years ago, the charity is looking to continue its vital work in the long term as current members retire and our organisation faces changes to the way it operates.

We are seeking interest from potential trustees with relevant skills and experience, particularly in the fields of securing funding, charity finances and project management to drive forward plans for the future and be instrumental in realising the development of a new facility in the locality. 

Candidates must be highly committed to animal welfare.

In addition, the charity is searching for land in the area on which to construct a new building to house the cats that come into our care (with associated visitor parking). We are keen to discuss terms with the owners of any site (comprising approximately 0.5 ha) in North Craven that may have potential for the development we envisage.

For more information please contact us through this website, via      Facebook or phone 0775 112 5068 to discuss our requirements.

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